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The NYG&B welcomes advertising in our two quarterly publications. We offer separate rates for each publication, and combination rates for both publications.

The Record

The Record is a quarterly scholarly journal published in black and white on uncoated paper. Publication dates are January, April, July, and October.  Deadlines are the first day of the month prior to the issue date. To advertise in The Record, send an email to or call 212-755-8532. 

The New York Researcher

The New York Researcher is a quarterly magazine published in color on coated paper. Publication dates are March (spring), June (summer), September (fall), and December (winter).  Deadlines are the first of the month of the issue date. To advertise in the New York Researcher, send an email to or call 212-755-8532.

Advertising Rates and Sizes

Publication Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Eighth Page
Issues One Four One Four One Four One Four
Record -- $420 -- $240 -- $150 -- $90
NY Researcher -- -- $150 $360 $100 $225 $75 $125
Combination -- -- -- $480 -- $300 -- $175

Membership in NYG&B entitles advertisers a discount of 25%. Please deduct this percentage from payment. Institutional subscribers are not eligible for the member discount.

Publication Full Page Half Page  Quarter Page Eighth Page
Record 4.7"w X 8"h 4.7"w X 4"h

2.25"w X 3.95"h
or 4.7"w X 1.5"h

2.25"w X 1.95"h

NY Researcher n/a 6.75"w X 4.5"h 3"w X 4.5"h 3"w X 2.25"h