About the NYG&B

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The NYG&B is the most authoritative source for research on New York families and families with New York connections. Founded in 1869, it is the largest genealogical society in New York and the only one that is state-wide. The NYG&B engages with the dynamic, fast growing, rapidly changing field of family history through accurate, thorough research and the highest standards of scholarship.

Our Mission

The mission of the NYG&B is to help people of all backgrounds discover their family histories (especially those aspects of their family histories which relate to New York City, State, and region) and find meaning by placing their own family's experience into the broader context of American history. 

We believe that all families are important, all family histories are worthy of preservation, and all families are essential parts of a larger historical narrative.  We believe that linking families to the history of the nation is profoundly meaningful and is powerfully beneficial on many levels.

Participation and Operations

The NYG&B is a membership organization, and we welcome all people who are curious about researching their family histories. Learn more about becoming a member.  We are a not-for-profit organization with tax exempt status, and gifts to the NYG&B are tax deductible. We have a headquarters office in New York City with a professional staff and a dedicated group of volunteers. We are governed by a distinguished Board of Trustees who serve voluntarily and contribute generously.

We are supported mainly by membership dues; annual gifts from members and trustees; and bequests.  Learn more about supporting the NYG&B.

Areas of Endeavor

We focus on three areas:

  • Publications. We publish two essential quarterlies: The Record , a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of great distinction in continuous publication since 1870, and The New York Researcher. Subscriptions are benefits of membership. We also have a long history of publishing books. The monumental, 856-page New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer is the first and only comprehensive guide of its kind. Released in January 2015 it is already in its second printing.

  • Educational Programming. We produce a broad range of educational programming, and we are the lead organization developing The New York Family History School. We also partner with the New York Public Library to develop educational programs for students, teachers, and patrons of the branch library system in New York City.

  • Website. This website contains extensive resources that benefit people researching families connected to New York State. Resources include guides to exploring resources relevant to New York, as well as primary materials that are unique to this site. Full access to the website is a benefit of membership.